Award for the best hospitality services in Kanha

Singinawa Jungle Lodge

The team at Singinawa is quite stringent about the quality laws that ultimately give you the best vacation experience with us. These quality services have paved way for several awards in hospitality for many years.

Kanha National Park

Brief History of Kanha

It is uncertain to bring forward a relevant cause for calling it ‘Kanha’, however, people often associate its origin from the Kanhar River or the dark black soil found in the area.



How the name ‘Kanha’ got attached to this park is obscure. It could have come from the Kanhar River or from the dark black soil found here.


Wake up with the sun to board the customized 4×4 vehicles to embark upon the journey into the wild. As your vehicle clandestinely makes its way through the jungle, you will rendezvous with skulk of fox preen or the big jungle cats relishing on their first meal in the morning. Hearing the tranquil sounds of over 300 wild birds chirping is an everyday affair in the park.


Village Experiences




The Lodge

Our Rooms



Kanha Wild Life

Kanha Museum of Life & Art


visit the kanha national park to witness the tiger sighting in the safari with singinawa Jungle lodge

A Naturalist’s Diary

It was a usual morning drive for me at Kanha National Park. We had Kanha Zone for this particular safari. We entered through Mukki Gate and drove straight to Kanha Meadow, crossing...

Feeding Frenzy

It was a regular morning safari. As we were driving through the massive Kanha Meadow (technically a grassland), we chanced upon a dead Spotted Deer. The dead animal was partially eaten around...

Tigers and their love for water

To beat the heat in the extreme summers of Central India, tigers spend a lot of time in water. This means that the summer time is the easiest time to track the striped cats, as they rarely…

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