Naturalists Team

David Raju has been working in the field of Wildlife  since last twelve  years



David Raju has been working in the field of Wildlife since last twelve years. What started as a mere hobby, turned into a relentless passion. Even though his expertise lies in frogs and dragonflies, right from large Mammals, Birds, Butterflies, Reptiles, Frogs and his beloved Dragonflies, David is interested in them all. He spends more than 300 days in the jungle in a year a, and remains grumpy the rest of the days when he has to stay out. Nine months in central Indian jungle and monsoon months in Western Ghats where he is seen running after his passion, observing & studying dragonflies and frogs. He was part of a team that described 12 new frogs from western ghats, and a gecko from central India. He has co-authored a book on photographic guide to Dragonflies of Kerala. Hailing from a small town named Kottayam in Kerala, he was associated with a local NGO named Kottayam Nature society where he learnt basics of natural history. He is always keen to learn new things from little ants to tigers. Despite being a jungle nerd, David is a people's person and is always willing to help young and budding biologists.

Tulika Kedia Managing Director at Singinawa Jungle Lodge Kanha



Sachin is a valuable addition to our team of naturalists here in Singinawa. Hailing from the famous western state of Rajasthan, Sachin has spent his childhood and completed his education from the 'blue city' of India, Jodhpur.

Sachin brings with him an action packed rich experience as a naturalist and trainer at one of the most prolific desert rocks parts of Rajasthan. A treasure house on the indigenous flora of India, Sachin brings with him a rare understanding of some of the most unique trees, plants and shrubs exclusive to the region. His golden nuggets of trivia and wisdom add to the heady mix of knowledge and fun that our team of naturalists signify.

A thorough professional who loves to use his managerial and interpersonal skills to delight his tourists, no safari or a trek or even a stroll by the river is left wanting of excitement and adventure and stories splashed with wonderment!

Tirath Naturalist at Singinawa Jungle Lodge Kanha

Tirath Singh


Tirath's skills in Kanha's core region are instinct driven from a lifetime's connection to these fabulous Sal Jungles of the Maikal Hills. He was born in Khudd Maidan, one of Mukki Range's vast grassland areas, and knows every inch of this land – personally. Like many of the Gond & Baiga Tribesmen, who were relocated out into the Buffer Zone, there is a deep attachment to all the wonders of Kanha they once called their own.

Tirath was one of Mukki Range's finest Guides for 18 years, but in 2005 a supportive resort owner gave him the opportunity to broaden his horizons, and employed Tirath as his Naturalist. Needless to say Tirath excelled in his endeavours for all fortunate enough to traverse Kanha's tracks. Today Tirath is one of Singinawa's most skilled and dependable Naturalist, who waits to introduce all willing, wildlife interested participants to his glorious world and ALL it offers. . . . . . . . .

Akhilesh Bharos

Akhilesh Bharos


Akhilesh studied graduation in commerce from Pune, but couldn’t hold & settle himself in the urban environment, so came back to his basic instinct, which is love for wildlife. Settled himself at Kanha Tiger Reserve 1999 to learn Eco Tourism and from here his practical classes of eco tourism was initiated. He got indulged into Eco tourism and initiated an inbound tour operation for some 5 years, serving mostly like minded foreign guests in the jungles of Central India, and later serving guests as a Naturalist.

Rakesh Solanki

Rakesh Solanki


Born and brought up around the famous Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Rajasthan, Rakesh Solanki has spent more time watching birds and nature than many of us can claim to. Due to his close association with Bharatpur, he his amongst the few to have got the privilege to work with Dr. Salim Ali (India’s most eminent bird watcher) on numerous occasions. This was enough for him to convert his hobby into his profession. He went onto to complete a Diploma course in Ornithology from the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) and also later worked as a field assistant on numerous BNHS projects in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Keolodeo-Ghana National Park, Kitam Zeel Wildlife Sanctuary. Later, he started working as freelance Naturalist at the Keolodeo-Ghana National Park and went on to to work with Indian Adventures at Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve and Dandeli Tiger Reserve. His work in Dandeli gave him a good opportunity to explore the forests and birds of the Western Ghats area as well. Widely worked and travelled in India, Rakesh came to Kanha Tiger Reserve in 2010 and since then has been exploring and helping others to explore the jungles of Central Indian highlands. His career as a professional naturalist spans more than two decades and yet according to him, every walk/drive to the jungle is a new experience.

Operations Team

Ghanshyam Singh, Manager Operations at Singinawa Jungle Lodge Kanha

Ghanshyam Singh

Manager (Operations)

Ghanshyam, our Operations Manager hails from the fiery western state of Rajasthan, India. With over ten years of experience in jungle resorts and camps, his treasure trove of experiences has quite a few surprises.

Ghanshyam has spent the better part of his professional life exploring and absorbing from some of the most acclaimed parks and reserves in Central and Western India. His journey began at Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh where he spent two years managing the operations at 'Camp Mewar'. Over the next few years, he honed his operational skills and knowledge of the wildlife at the Rann of Kutch, Jodhpur and finally Singinawa.

From managing the security, to ensuring the availability of lip smacking cuisines on your table to taking care of emergencies and medical aid, Ghanshyam is the silent hand behind the smooth and efficient service and par excellence experience at the Lodge. When he is not busy juggling multiple requests from the guests or examining the operations at the Lodge, Ghanshyam likes to pander to his innate love for hiking and birding.

If you want to try a rare local dish, or want an amateur aficionado's perspective on the flora and fauna around you, do not hesitate to shout out for him. His tips might just make your trip that much extra special!

Nirmal Karki

Nirmal Karki


Nirmal has been with Singinawa for last 5 years. Over the years he has mastered the art of Indian, pan Asian and continental cuisine, and specializes in Tandoori dishes. He is now working on a cookbook for Singinawa based on the use of local ingredients. The book will introduce different flavors, spices and techniques used for preparing food whilst on safari in India. He is supported by a number of chefs who specialize in Tandoori, Awadhi and Lucknowi cuisines and Baker Sunil Singh Rawat.


Ippili Thota Rao

F&B Supervisor

Ippili Thota Rao, the 22 year old bundle of energy from the drylands of Vizianagaram District of Andhra Pradesh, is the head of our dining and service team. His professional training and personal discipline combined with his quick wit and abilities as a leader, has made him an integral part of the guest experience at the lodge. Though a teetotaller, he manages to make a good many mean cocktails, his favourites being Singinawa Special Punch and Mojito, amongst others.


Sunil Singh Rawat

Pastry Chef

Sunil Singh Rawat, the sin man of Singinawa, hails from the steep hill slopes of the Garhwal range of the Himalayas. A shy human being by nature, Sunil makes up for his physical absence amongst the guests by presenting them with his unforgettable desserts that range from delicious chocolate cakes, mouth-watering Tiramisus and many more, to his personal favourite, Gulab Jamuns stuffed with his secret potpourri of ingredients. The cookies and muffins that manage to travel with guests on park safaris are also the work of this shy culinary artist.

Management Team

Tulika Kedia Managing Director at Singinawa Jungle Lodge Kanha


Managing Director

Ms. Tulika Kedia is a multi-faceted personality who brings with her years of carefully honed expertise across multiple disciplines and initiatives. An alumnus of La Martiniere for Girls, Kolkata, a graduate of English Literature, a connoisseur of art and a torch bearer in the field of education, Ms. Kedia successfully steers the trajectory of one of the most prominent indigenous Indian art galleries in Delhi along with promoting educational initiatives at DPS Nagpur. She has amalgamated this experience with her global exposure and interactions with the doyens of the world of art and natural sciences to bring forward a one of a kind initiative into the heart of India – Singinawa.

Saurabh Kedia, Director of Sales at Singinawa Jungle Lodge Kanha

Saurabh Kedia

Director of Sales

Saurabh, our Director of Sales brings with him a rather interesting checkered combination of passion for travel and tourism, entrepreneurship skills, knowledge on information and technology and consulting acumen.

A graduate from one of the leading business schools in India, Saurabh has extensive professional experience working with travel agents and travelers from around the world. Having professionally travelled to over 15 nations, Saurabh intends to use his global perspective in leading the marketing and brand building efforts of the Lodge. His keen eye for details has already helped us set up impeccable standards, policies and best practices and his passion to spread the word about the lodge should see us participate in many leading fairs, exhibitions and meetings across the globe.

To those who know Saurabh, he comes across as a diligent, sincere and knowledgeable person always keen on leaving an indelible mark in his body of work. With his flair and finesse in establishing excellence, one can only expect the Lodge to create a niche for itself in the hospitality sector in the years to come.

As is common with all members of the Singinawa family, Saurabh cherishes the privileges of the wilderness and doesn’t leave any stone unturned in sharing his enthusiasm with his guests and colleagues. The story of Singinawa is bigger than the comprehension of any single individual and Saurabh’s efforts, like those of the rest of the team, can only help one get closer to realizing it.

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