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Barasingha spotted during Kanha Safari
Barasingha spotted during Kanha Safari
Barasingha spotted during Kanha Safari


Jeep safaris

As the flaming sun rises over the expanse of wilderness that is Kanha, customized 4x4 vehicles stealthily make their way through the park and help you catch a glimpse of the untouched life in the jungle. Observe a skulk of fox preen themselves or the big jungle cats relish an early morning kill or simply immerse in the pristine chirping and sounds of over 300 species of birds commonly observed in the park.

Crouch slowly and capture the majestic strides of the tigers, jackals and wolves, observe in wonderment as large herds of deer and gaur slowly make their way from one watering hole to another or simply challenge yourself to notice the various species of small insects and rare plants.

The afternoon safaris allow you to feast on the dynamic jungle activity as the dying sun signals the advent of the game between the predators and their preys. Our specialized guides skillfully trapeze through the maze of flora and fauna, especially in the Mukki region of the Park and help you observe the theatre of nature from the front stalls.

Time Involved: Morning Safari 5 to 6 hours / Afternoon Safari 3 to 3.5 hours

Tiger sighting during Kanha Safari

Kanha for Kanha's Children

We may never get to see our superheroes in person but Kanha offers you the opportunity to be the superhero to the generations of tomorrow. As you get ready for your rendezvous with your childhood friends, Bagheera and Baloo, take two children from the Kohoka village, as guests with you into the Park. Exhilaration begets excitement and as you watch the theatrics of the wild, multiply your excitement as you watch children who've never been inside the Park gush with enthusiasm at the wonders of the wild. Just as Mowgli's adventures were accentuated by the presence of his friends, so too can your experience be magical with your new found friends and that too at no extra cost!

Time Involved: Morning Safari 5 to 6 hour

Surrounding forests

The Jungle through the Six Senses

Walks take place in the buffer forest that adjoins Singinawa along the river Tannaur. The walk is aimed at experiencing the forest through all five senses - sight, sound, smell, taste and touch and awakening the sixth sense - intuition or instinct.

Being on foot allows the senses to be permeated by the Jungle and opens a secret world that is normally missed when in a vehicle on safari. The focus of the walk will be on wildlife viewing but with a focus on interpretation of tracks and jungle signs. The length of walks can be tailored but typically last a couple of hours, stopping en-route for refreshments/ picnics.

Time Involved: 2 to 3 hours

Eco walk with naturalists at Kanha

Paghdandi Bicycling trips

Take a Paghdandi (footpath) into the interiors of the forest on a 20km track using special all terrain Firefox bicycles to Jaldidand Baiga Village in the interiors of reserved forest.

The village is a showcase of traditional Baiga Tribal life wi t h beautifully painted mud huts belonging to a primarily agrarian tribal society. Life in these villages remains untouched by modern development and allows a rare insight into the anthropological heritage of Madhya Pradesh. The village location also allows for panoramic views of the landscapes and forests of the area. (Recommended for groups of not more than 4 people)

Time Involved: 5 hours

Optional Day Trip to Phen Sanctuary

The Phen Wildlife Sanctuary is a satellite micro-core habitat just off the 940 km square of core area and 1009 km square of buffer zone of the Kanha Tiger Reserve. Untouched by mainstream tourism, this Sanctuary offers the luxury of observing wildlife that rarely comes in contact with the human race. A day trip from Singhinawa offers more than just a safari - it offers the exceptional luxury of being one with rare breeds of birds and animals without the constraints of commercially crowded eco-tourism. Take off that watch, let go off your commitments and soak in nature the way it's meant to be - unhurried and unreserved. Fathom the expanse of the panoramic landscape, absorb the verdure beauty and build the bond with the elements. It's surreal!

Singinawa Jungle Lodge

The Singinawa Conservation Foundation

Add a new dimension to your holiday. Use some of your time at Singinawa to join the Foundation in its daily activities with the Buffer zone community. Visit the School that has been adopted by Singinawa; plan your holiday to include some voluntary work with the Foundation.

The foundation has in the past built 5 water holes for the core area of the Park, held health camps for 56 villages in the Buffer zone of the park treating 2300 people, helped procure seven 4x4 vehicles for each of the forest ranges within Kanha and are now working closely with the government authorities in connection with health care, education and other activities.

Time Involved: Personalised to suit your requirements
Costs Involved: A donation in kind would be appreciated for the project you choose to work with

Tannaur River Beach at Kanha

The Tannaur Treat

Take a day off. After a lie in and a leisurely breakfast, or the morning Park Safari, head to the Tannaur river beach for the day.

An ideal place to relax with a book, and some binoculars (the river and its bank are rich in bird life), enjoy the tranquil sounds of the water, the calls of the wild, and perhaps dip your toes into the cold, refreshing waters of the stream. Lunch is cooked fresh and served piping hot by your cook and attentive personal waiter under a charming gazebo set up especially for the occasion.

Reflexology or Oriental Oil free Massage treatment, soaking in the sun in surroundings that are truly magical. Choose to head back or just enjoy the peace. After a picnic tea head back to the Lodge in time for your favourite sun downer. (Recommended for groups of not more than 4 people.)

Time Involved: Personalised to your needs

Singinawa Farms

An organic farm across the road from the Lodge that supplies farm fresh produce, home grown wheat, and rice to the Lodge. An ideal place especially for those interested in gardening or for children to experience a traditional Indian farm complete with cows, bullocks for ploughing the fields, free ranging chickens and goats. Also a great place for water birds especially the resident kingfisher colony that lives on the edge of the dam adjoining the Farm.

Time Involved: 1 hour

Spa at Singinawa Jungle Lodge, Kanha

The Meadow Spa at Singinawa

The Spa at Singinawa is carefully designed to help you relax, rejuvenate and renew yourself to add to the complete holiday experience. Started as an attempt to offer an alternate means of economic benefit to the local community, the therapists at the Spa are members of the local community who have been trained in India and Nepal in the arts of massage and reflexology. All the therapies have been carefully designed with a balance of Indian and oriental healing treatments, incorporating all that is required to promote physical, mental and spiritual equilibrium.

Singinawa Eco-restoration Walk

The Lodge grounds have been painstakingly restored to provide habitat for the wildlife of the Buffer zone of Kanha Tiger Reserve. The grounds have resident herds of Chital deer. Occasionally glimpses can be had of visitors like muntjac, jungle cats, leopards, wild boar, sambar, and swamp deer and at the last count over 150 species of birds.

With a 2 km nature trail on the Lodge grounds covering over 58 acres, Singinawa offers a unique eco experience at your doorstep with naturalists explaining how degraded forest land can be restored back to optimal habitat using a combination of simple replicable techniques.

Time Involved: 1 hour

Aroma Trail at Singinawa Jungle Lodge, Kanha

Aromatic and Fragrant Trail

The sweetest and oft undermined aspect of a rendezvous with nature lies in the opportunity to rejuvenate in the ether of purity. In a world consumed by brick and concrete, our senses yearn for the sights, smell, touch and feel of untainted beauty. We at Singinawa understand this longing of the evolved soul and aspire to stretch out as a bridge between your cravings and a carefully designed experience that indulges your purest wishes.

The Aromatic and Fragrant Trail experience begins with a leisurely walk through the resort. As time seems to stand still and all the noise in the world fades in the harmony of the invisible hand of life, soak in the sights and sounds emanating from the bushes, trees and scented flowers native to the region. You can choose to stop and observe or simply get lost in the beauty and fragrance of wild roses, jasmine, frangipani, Anant Gardenia, Arabian Jasmine or lavender which are conspicuous in their abundance.

Like a Shakespearean theatre with multi-faceted acts, the next stop on the trail involves a more earthy experience with an inclination towards culinary aesthetics as our naturalists take you to our organic garden and introduce you to our secret garden of natural herbs. Try and capture the fleeting wafts of flavor as you feel a basil, mint or bay leaf or focus on the mellow smell of the lemon grass or challenge your grey cells as you try and identify the popular lemon balm, tulsi, sweet neem or aniseed shrubs.

The final stop involves resting by the pool or the gushing river where Chef Nirmal rustles up a rustic, authentic Indian meal bejeweled with rare spices and herbs that one has just observed. As one's palette serenades to this blissful culinary experience, one can't help but sit back, relish the highlights of the trail and wonder how some of the most treasured experiences in life lie in the lap of Nature and all one needs is the will to reach out!

Children's Activities

We offer activities for children specially tailored to different age groups. These include the chance to learn traditional Indian games like Gulli-Danda and engage in a friendly Kabaddi match with the school children from our village; try a traditional gulel (catapult), play marbles, pugmark identification, plaster cast making techniques, reading jungle sign, and kite making and kite flying the traditional Indian way. Learn to make rangolis (intricate patterns with dry colour) on the ground, make fresh marigold garlands the Indian way. We also arrange for baby sitters, special cots for infants and special food for children on request.

Time Involved: Varies according to activity

Village Experiences

Village Market and Cattle Fair

Mohgaon, Baihar and Sarekha are three village marts, on different days of the week, which offer a chance to experience the charming chaos of traditional markets. On offer you will find fresh farm produce, seeds and saplings, spices, bamboo wares, earthen pots and ethnic jewellery, the local tailor making instant blouses, the repair shop for transistor radios, the cobbler, knife sharpener, ear cleaner, local barber holding forth in his shop under a tree and congregations having a shot of 'chai' at the tea stalls all to the accompaniment of local music blaring from a small chai stall. In addition, once a week at Mohgaon there is cattle fair where several hundred cattle are brought for sale or barter.

Village visits

Visit our village Kohoka. Be a guest in a tribal home, see cow dung patty cakes being made for fuel wood, kitchen gardens and local produce being dried in the sun, watch the women work in the fields, paint intricate designs on their walls and floors, see the temple, and understand the harmony of their lives with nature.

Meet the tribal potters of Baihar

We have our own community of potters in the by-lanes of Baihar. They busy themselves on a daily basis making an array of household articles sold every Sunday during the bustling weekly market. What is enthralling is the ancient wheel used to form all their lovely cooking pots, storage urns for water, amongst many other articles lovingly caressed into form. A visit to their world of clay makes for a fascinating excursion into the lives of the humblest of souls, especially if they invite you spin the wheel and create your own version of a pot, a planter, and even a clay beaker. It’s a lot of fun, and they love your presence in their versatile, simple lives.

baiga villagers

Baiga Villager
Baiga Villager
Baiga Villager

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