In the interiors of the jungle at Kanha National Park,the major focus is on spotting one of the Big Cats while driving. Each and every alarm call of the wild will attract you towards itself and makes you look around the area and scan for any predator around.
During my drive with Julia and Clarissa at the Kanha Zone, we were looking for one of the Big Cats. We were trying to follow the tracks, listen to the sounds of the jungle as we were moving around. Suddenly something attracted us ,I just stopped the ignition and there was silence all around for a few seconds ,we heard an alarm call of the Spotted Deer somewhere close. We decided to proceed further as we were close to a bridge where a tigress was spotted recently. I moved the vehicle slowly towards the bridge and stopped there. The spotted deer was constantly looking towards the big grass clump and giving the alarm call. We took our binoculars and started scanning the area but there were no signs of any cat around, still the calls were on and everyone in the vehicle was excited and was eagerly looking around the area.
Surprisingly, at a distance of around 50 meters we saw a Monkey (Langur) trying to jump out of the grassbut was dragged again towards the grass. It was a confusing situation for everybody, as we were not able to see what was there behind the grass. Monkey was again jumping and trying to survive, but was helpless.During this activity the spotted deer was still on with the alarm calls and we were sure that there was something big behind that grass patch.
Suddenly we saw a long muscular bodywhich appeared over the grass and was constricting around the Monkey. What we saw was a huge Python hidden behind the grass. It had a strong grip around the Monkey and we could barely see its body apart from the hands and the legswhich were only visible. We were able to see the tail of the Monkey waving while the Python was constricting it.
This entire scene lasted for around 15-20 minutes. Finally all the efforts of the Monkey stopped and we could see that it was dead.
Unfortunately, looking at the time we had to move from there as we had to cover other parts of the park and we thought of coming back to the same spot while we would exit. By that time the Python was easily visible as it had shifted a bit towards the water and the Monkey was still in it’s tight grip and would have been swallowed after we left the spot.
It was overall a fantastic experience for all and for the guests it was the first time they had seen a kill in the wild.
Thanks Sachin Sharma Naturalist Singinawa Jungle Lodge Kanha National Park.