What are you expecting to see amongst the trees and long grasses of Kanha?  ‘The Tiger’- and only the Tiger?
This is a common response prior to any wildlife park safari, especially here in the Kanha National Park. But sometimes it may not be everyone’s good fortune to turn this ir dream into a reality.
We set out for an early morning safari drive. An exquisite sun rises to the clamor of whooping  calls from Langur monkeys, and the songs of birds heartily welcoming us into their jungle.
As usual I went to a favourite place called Minkur Nallah Bridge, as it is one of the hot spot places in the Mukki range. As we reached there, a tigress was sitting next to the bridge near the water body. She then she stood up, walked into the nullah, proceeding further into the bamboo thickets. We decided to wait there, hoping she would come out again.
Our Guide heard an alarm call from a Sambar Deer – far way and anticipated that she was still on the move, and could come out from the fire break . We too headed off towards the break, and waited. The surprise of the day was yet to unfold.
This magnificent Tigress was stalking a group of spotted deer, and we all became alive with anticipation of being observers of a live hunt in the wild – a once in a life time sighting. We were all so excited to watch this real time drama unfold before our very eyes.
Suddenly deer saw and smelt her presence, and ran away to a safe distance from this dreaded predator.
Alas ! She missed the opportunity of a kill, and vanished off into the jungle.